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How to Record a Song at Home – Here’s How to Do It

A lot of musicians and song writers with talent are daunted by the thought of recording the songs they have written or composed. The studio recording bit seems like a lot of work, networking and expense. As a result, the songs lie languishing in the music books and the song sheets while life goes on in other directions. What would make a lot of difference to the experience and confidence of these musicians is the knowledge that recording music is not impossible at home. In fact, it is not even hard to do.

People who are wondering how to record a song successfully must first ensure they have the appropriate digital audio software on their computer as well as sufficient RAM memory to support the software. The next step in organizing the music is to have the instruments that will be needed to record the song. They must also check that they have the suitable microphones for each of the instruments. Drums, for one, need specific microphones that must be arranged.

How to record a song – The Ins And Outs

The arrangements made, the next thing to do is to run a trial. To do this, you will have to connect the guitar to the amplifier in the regular way. Then, you will need to attach the end of the cable connected to the amplifier to the computer’s USB port. Make sure that you select the port that allows audio to flow in. Check the audio software to see that it recognizes the guitar and then record a sample to make sure that the recording is working well.

Those who are still thinking that recording a song cannot be as simple as this will benefit from knowing that voice recording is fairly simple too, and can be done by using an ordinary microphone. Other instruments like pianos or violins need special microphones, as do drums.

As with everything new that you try, remember that there are likely to be hiccups and roadblocks; but these can be easily overcome. The key to successfully recording music is to keep trying and setting wrongs right. What you must ensure even before you set out is that your computer has sufficient memory.

How to record a song

After that, recording music is a matter of ensuring that you play your instruments correctly presenting your own compositions in the best way.

Most people, even amateur musicians who wonder how to record a song at home are not aware of the various kinds of software now available that can make this very easy for you. Just look around or ask other fellow musicians about what the best software is for your purpose and you will be on the right track soon. Even if you do not find the right software as soon as you begin, you will get it after a little experimentation.

With a little bit of patience and some trial and error, you will soon be recording to your satisfaction and will even be giving advice to others on how to record a song!

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One Response to How to Record a Song at Home – Here’s How to Do It

  • Bob says:

    You might want to include an audio I/O piece of hardware in your signal routing. They can be found starting at around 180 dollars and come with recording software.

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