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Greatest Frontmen…Surviving for Life

During the year 2002, on 5th of April, Staley breathed his last due to premature old age for his excessive intake of drugs. He was only 34 then and was the lead singer of his band ‘Alice In Chains’. This band happened to be one of the biggest bands in rock which came out during the time of 90’s. Throughout the most part of his career, he had undergone with a suffering from addiction of heroine. Under the spotlight, the struggle of the lead singer was played out and remained a common thread throughout all his sung songs. Throughout all his albums then he tried to find out reasons for the impulses of his self destruction.
During the year 1987, the rock band ‘Alice In Chains’ got initiated in Seattle, Washington. Early 90’s showed the prominence of the band as a part of the ‘grunge movement’. Infact the success story of the band rooted a bit deeper than this. The exclusive amalgamation of the guitarist Jerry Cantrell and the greatest frontmen Layne voice made a trademark of the sound of the band. The band got characterized by its edgy hard rock music and came with some excellent touches of blues and soul.

Greatest Frontmen – In Rock

In middle of all these lies the charismatic personal of the lead frontmen Layne. His intense presence and all the more unusual voice texture, would give him a chance of turning as one of the vivid rock frontmen. It was his inner demon that used to inspire all his band members. The band rocked and their reign was short lived between the year 1992 – 1996 since Layne was too much addicted towards drugs. He could have gone in for treatment, but recovery is a process that could take some time, and delaying it proved to be fatal for him. On 3rd of July 1996, he made his final appearance with his band members at Missouri in Kansas City. After that he made himself secluded and never ever looked back again.
After the death of Layne, Phil Staley and Nancy McCullum, parents of Layne built a Memorial Fund which they called as ‘Layne Stanley Memorial Fund’. The fund dealt with THS, acronym of Therapeutic Health Services.

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As per mother Nancy McCullum the Fund creation has remained a way to help their son for finding a real way to be with their son. She believes that all the honesty within his songs and within his frankness about his addiction towards both music and drug used to encourage people to find their way towards the ultimate light. Infact she didn’t failed from mentioning that ‘Addicts in recovery are the light of the world’. In the year 1995, Layne made a statement that stated that drugs does not leads you towards light. Infact it would take you under a tremendous way of suffering.
The Memorial Fund of Layne Staley has been designed so that only interested people can lend their hand of assistance by donations for the treatments. This means that all your donations will only be used for a good work only. And most interestingly all the sent donations remains absolutely tax-deductable.
Thus is a tale of a great man in his greatest time of sufferings.

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