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Simple Songs To Learn On The Guitar - October 8, 2015

If you are using an acoustic guitar, these songs are best for a campfire. If you are looking for simple songs to learn on the guitar, you have found a remarkable place to begin. These songs are simple and fun to play. The time you will need to learn the guitar songs [...]

Songwriting Tips For Beginners - January 6, 2014

Songwriting is a skill that cannot be taught. It needs to come from within. Musicians or lyric composers usually write instinctively, by getting ideas from the music around them or by seeking inspiration for their melodies. However, one certainly needs some talent to begin with, but your song writing skills can be [...]

Tips On How To Play Drums Online - December 4, 2013

Playing drums is a physical activity and in order to succeed, you need to master the physical motions needed. Similar to golf, martial arts or tennis, the physical motions used to play drums are called strokes. Did you know that you can learn to play drums online? Well, call it the boon [...]

How to Learn Guitar Chords - August 21, 2013

 Chords are three or more notes played simultaneously. Chords commonly fall under two categories, namely major chords and minor chords. Guitars have only five basic major chord patterns. These main chord patterns are C, A, G, E, and D. Together, they spell the word CAGED which should be an easy way of [...]

Free Guitar Books And An Opportunity To Be A Guitarist - May 6, 2013

If you are a beginner and want to make a career in the music industry all you are required of is a guitar book that will best solve as well as guide you towards a great career of a guitarist. Too many individuals nowadays are getting interested towards learning and playing the [...]

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Drum Playing…Seven Steps To Learning - March 11, 2013

If you have eagerness towards learning drum playing then it is beyond any doubt that there is enough reason for having such a passion. Do you think it is good to enroll yourself within an online session of drum playing? Does your dream always remained confined within learning playing of drums and [...]

Music Censorship And Sense The Right Theme - February 18, 2013

The basic definition of Music Censorship defines that it remains an act of books examining that even includes examining of movies or suppressing of those parts which could be considered an offensive or inappropriate for general public or by the government authority. Many things are there which proves to be wrong with [...]

Some Essential Things For Becoming A Songwriter - January 28, 2013

What is the key job of a songwriter? As a songwriter the key job is writing song only instead of performing on such. Even a songwriter is not liable in recording or promoting songs. Nor even the writer will be responsible of selling those numbers. For whom a songwriter writes any song? [...]

Music Lyrics Can Anybody Think A World Without Music? - January 21, 2013

Listening to the right song at the right point of time would trigger you emotionally greater than touching or tasting. The reason is too many songs are associated with too many ups and down that are taking place within our living hood. Several times, some of the finest music lyrics will take [...]

Greatest Frontmen…Surviving for Life - January 14, 2013

During the year 2002, on 5th of April, Staley breathed his last due to premature old age for his excessive intake of drugs. He was only 34 then and was the lead singer of his band ‘Alice In Chains’. This band happened to be one of the biggest bands in rock which [...]

Tips for iPod Troubleshooting - December 17, 2012

Is your iPod not playing your favourite musical numbers? Are you not being able to switch your iPod on? Or, is it that you are having difficulty in switching it off once it is on? There is nothing much to be anxious about. You can fix the problem of your favourite iPod [...]

Rock On With A Perfectly Tuned Guitar - December 10, 2012

Guitar is a string instrument that sounds best when tuned properly. New guitar learners may often wonder why their guitars do not sound as they wish them to. It is difficult to play a single note at a perfect tune in the initial days of training. However, the difficulty gets multiplied if [...]

GUITAR RIFFS (music playlist) Music, songs, MP3s, lyrics for all time - November 26, 2012

Guitar is one of the most indispensable string instruments of such musical genres as Country songs, Blues, Folk, Flamenco, Metal, Rock, Pop and many others, and guitar riffs add a note of enchantment to all these genres of music making them eternal and everlasting. Rock music has enthralled music lovers across the [...]

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Pertinent information on Music Laws - November 19, 2012

Everybody associated with the music industry has to abide by certain laws governing the professional conducts, ethics and business affairs of the concerned industry, as well as, the entertainment industry. These laws are known as the Music Laws, and they are often associated with the Entertainment Laws, as well. The music industry [...]

Music Recording – Tips to do your Own Music Recording at Home - October 29, 2012

For a lot of new musicians, in fact, for most new musicians, the most daunting part of composing music is not the writing of the lyrics or composing the melody or even arranging the music. The most difficult part of making music for most amateur musicians is the idea of recording their [...]